UiCore Animate

Unleash the Power of Animations in Elementor

With UiCore Animate, you can easily create engaging animations for your widgets without sacrificing time or quality.

Create Eye-catching Animations in Seconds

Create Eye-catching Animations in Seconds

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually adding animations to each widget – our plugin makes it as easy as selecting the widget and auto-applying the settings. You can even reset animations with just a few clicks.

Animate Multiple Widgets with Ease

Animate Multiple Widgets with Ease

UiCore Animate makes it easy to animate multiple widgets at once. Select multiple widgets, rearrange them, and set delays between items to create a seamless and professional look.

Choose from a Wide Range of Presets

Choose from a Wide Range of Presets

Replace Elementor’s default animations and choose the perfect one to fit your style. Whether you want your website to be playful and fun or sleek and professional, UiCore Animate has the perfect animations for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team. We’re always here to help.

Does UiCore Animate affect my website performance?

Not at all. The plugin only replaces the CSS animations from Elementor so it has zero impact on performance.

Can I use UiCore Animate with any theme?

Yes, you can use it with any theme that supports Elementor Page Builder.

Is this a standalone plugin?

No. You cannot use UiCore Animate without Elementor.

Does it work with Elementor PRO?

Yes, absolutely.

Will UiCore Animate break my site after an update?

No. This is a lightweight plugin and the chances of affecting the site are minimal.